Turbonomic Customers

Turbonomic is trusted by over 1,900 enterprises, providing an autonomic platform that enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure the performance of any application in any cloud. Customers feel the impact across industries, from financial services, healthcare and government organizations, to service providers, telecommunications and non-profits.

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Banking and Financial Services

"There was a huge increase in CapEx and OpEx managing our sprawling virtual infrastructure of 5,000+ VMs, it wasn't sustainable. After implementing Turbonomic, we successfully consolidated our SQL workloads onto the fewest number of hosts possible, lowering TOC dramatically. I'd say by year's end we will have saved north of seven figures in licensing alone." Mike Campbell, ACI Worldwide
Mizuho Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Colonial First State
BBVA Compass
Voya Investments
State Street
Tokio Marine Holdings

PwC combats ready queue and reduces time spent troubleshooting.


MedAmerica saves thousands in hardware costs and recovers unclaimed resources for improved efficiency and performance.

Education and Non-Profit

"Turbonomic quickly remediated the resource contention issues we were seeing [due to our growth] and is an integral part of our VMware environment management. We no longer waste valuable time firefighting. It's intuitive, easy to install and can scale seamlessly." Ron Nicholson, Georgetown University
Harvard Medical School
American Red Cross
Pearson Education

Blackbaud has a record 2015, processing 52% more donations on #GivingTuesday than in 2014.

Mississippi Community College Board

MCCB maximize utilization, increases team productivity and improves workload performance.

Liberty University

Liberty University improves workload performance and placement, increases utilization, and reduces system alerts.

Capilano University

Capilano University decommissions zombie VMs and avoids $70,000 in hardware costs.

Georgetown University

Georgetown reduces time spent monitoring and manually resolving issues, has more time for important projects including OpenStack deployment.

Boston College

Boston College efficiently and reliably delivers virtualized IT services to more than 14,400 undergraduate and graduate students.


LSE controls infrastructure resources for improved application workload performance.


"Turbonomic reduced the overhead of managing our VMware environment by automating changes and adjusting resource allocation. Our users aren't complaining about performance problems anymore. It has helped us reach our goal of becoming a proactive IT team instead of a reactive IT team." Eric Scott, City of Lewiston
City of Miami
Bureau of the Public Debt
Mass DOT
Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale introduces autonomic control across environment and automates for team operational relief

City of Garland

Garland, Texas saves more than $200,000 and repurposes reclaimed hardware for VDI and Dev Lab clusters.

Energy & Utilities

"We have pretty stringent PCI and licensing requirements, and we are now able to build all of that in to remain compliant while maximizing resource pools." Adam Gilbert, NWP Services Corp
The Linde Group
Sempra Energy
NWP Services Corp

NWP delays hardware purchase by four years and expands virtual environment by 300%.

EDF Renewable Energy

EDF-RE puts their trust in Turbonomic’s autonomic performance platform to reduce manual management by 80%.

Southern Waste Systems

Southern Waste Systems sees RIO in less than 30 days with Turbonomic

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

"In an environment as complex as ours, we found that monitoring and manually taking vMotions alone were not enough. Since we automated, Turbonomic has enabled us to scale with confidence. It's eliminated alerts, particularly in regards to storage performance, and the break-fix loop from our operations, helping us to work smarter." Brian Simon, Houston Methodist
Quest Diagnostics
Meritain Health
Molina Healthcare
Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

UCL expands virtual footprint, assures performance of EMR platform and avoids downtime.


TeamHealth consolidates data center, reduces alerts and assures performance of mission-critical workloads.


MedAmerica saves thousands in hardware costs and recovers unclaimed resources for improved efficiency and performance.

Saint Anthony’s Medical Center

St. Anthony's prepares to double the size of their virtual environment, while maintaining control and assuring performance.


Aspirus eliminates contention-based outages and assures performance of EMR workloads.


Hirslanden assures performance of 1,000+ VMs and maximizes existing infrastructure to avoid costly overprovisioning.

Mary Washington Healthcare

Mary Washington saves $180,000 on day one and defers hardware spend by one year.

Manufacturing and Industrial

"Our day-to-day management was very labor intensive. We would receive alerts that hosts were low on memory or data stores were full and would have to dig down and move workloads around manually. Now, instead of spending four hours a day on vSphere, I can use that time to improve the environment and prepare for growth. I can keep my environment healthy without too much effort or without wasting valuable resources." Ryan Hinkamper, Titan International
CF Industries
Titan International

Titan reduces time spent manually managing rapidly expanding environment and sees significant dollar savings.

Air Medical Group Holdings

AMGH automates to reclaim resources and improve application performance.


Hatco increased VM density by 60%+, automated sizing and placement decisions to assure workload performance.

Professional Services

"We've achieved higher density per host thanks to Turbonomic. We could never have been so efficient before and have increased our utilization from 75% to 90%. It took less than 24 hours to start seeing the effects of Turbonomic within our environment. Straight away our application performance improved as workloads were right-sized across our entire system."Paul Smerkinich, SThree
Goodwin Procter
Dunbar Armored

McMillan, a leading Canadian law firm, improves resource utilization and performance of tier one applications through automation.

UL Workplace Health & Safety

UL Workplace addresses performance and efficiency problems with Turbonomic

Sheppard Mullin

Sheppard Mullin leverages Turbonomic and Pure Storage to assure performance with zero downtime.


SThree achieves 90% utilization and avoids unnecessary hardware and software spends.

Retail and Consumer Products

Family Dollar
Wolverine World Wide
Sephora USA
Rue La La
Domino’s Pizza
W.W. Norton

Publishing giant, W.W. Norton, controls virtual workload performance across a diverse environment and reclaims underutilized resources


Ryanair drives real-time performance across diverse environment and reduces time spent troubleshooting

Mitre 10

Mitre 10 increases RAM capacity by 700% and gains control over rapidly expanding environment.

Dot Foods

Dot Foods increases virtual footprint to 85% and assures quality customer service.

Christopherson Business Travel

CBT frees up 4 TB of SAN and avoids purchasing unnecessary hardware, improving efficiency and reducing alerts.

Service Providers

"Turbonomic right sizes the environments in a way that makes complete sense and helps us avoid overprovisioning and to maximize efficiency and utilization. Consequentially, all cost savings are passed down to our clients." Ross Goldstein, All Covered
DXC Technology
Heartland Business Systems

Heartland Business Systems delays purchase of additional hosts and prepares for business expansion.


CenturyLink reclaims large quantities of unused or underutilized resources and improves workload performance.

All Covered

All Covered controls 2,000+ cloud-based virtual servers, providing services to more than 250 clients with confidence.


Midas+, a Xerox Company, reclaims underutilized resources and reduces time monitoring and manually resolving issues.


"Once we hit month-end, all our systems would suddenly stop functioning. The demand skyrocketed and we were blind to the root of the performance problems. After automating Turbonomic, we no longer hear complaints from end-users are the end of every month." Søren Steenslev, GN ReSound
BMC Software, Inc.

Dizzion maintains control during hyper-growth with Turbonomic


Interswitch reduces CPU bottlenecks and improved resource utilization to assure performance for mission-critical financial applications.


Blackbaud has a record 2015, processing 52% more donations on #GivingTuesday than in 2014.

Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence scales with confidence.

GN ReSound

GN ReSound provides quality services to 4,000 global end-users, saving thousands on hardware costs.


GBG prepares for 5x growth and prevents system bottlenecks.


Quintiq gains control over rapidly expanding environment


Fareportal gets 60% more out of hardware investments, increasing density on UCS infrastructure for tremendous savings and improved performance.

Telecommunications and Media

"Our environment was growing rapidly, we started with one data center and within 12 months we had four other locations. Within the first few weeks we saw the positive impact Turbonomic had on our environment, increasing VM to host density and seeing improvements in both performance and efficiency." Yanping Zhu, Century Link
Windstream Corporation

Nex-Tech solves IOPS problem and plans for smart NAS requisitions.


BT Global achieves significant cost savings and complete control over virtual data center.