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Customer Story


“The return on investment was instantaneous for us. Think about not having to spend $5 or $10 million to really meet the next year’s capacity demand.”

Scott Crowder, Chief Information Officer

Customer Story

Sky Betting & Gaming

“We’re a technology business that happens to be in the betting industry. That means that we absolutely make the right choices in terms of innovative, cutting-edge technology to deliver products to market ahead of our competitors…our performance demands are pretty hard to meet…”

Lee O’Donnell, Director IT Infrastructure & Security


Customer Story

Underwriter’s Laboratories

Turbonomic’s automatable decisions is transforming the way Underwriter’s Laboratories manages IT.

“With a small team we’re all on call because of mission-criticality and the strict SLAs that we have to meet. We don’t tolerate any downtime and we have to trust the software and the hardware that we have in our data centers.”

Stephen Baker, Systems Administrator, UL Workplace Health & Safety

Customer Story

Hatco Corporation

“Beyond the day to day, beyond the ability for me to stop fighting fires, which is also extremely valuable, beyond the ability for it to put my mind at ease, being able to say ‘Okay, I did not buy this server that’s’ X amount more than this server because of this product was a very good moment.”

Aaron Bolthouse, Systems Administrator, Hatco Corporation


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Customer Story

Southern Waste Systems

“Turbonomic is not another monitor. We didn’t want something else that was going to spit out another report … We’re no longer guessing what we think we need, we actually have metrics to prove it. And as far as staffing is concerned, we were able to take those same staff resources and dedicated them to other projects because they weren’t firefighting.”

Nick Casagrande, IT Director, Southern Waste Systems

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