Pure Storage and Turbonomic

Assuring Performance of I/O Intensive Workloads

High-availability, high-performance, delivered.

The storage tier is often blamed for performance degradation in virtual environment. This challenge become more acute with mission critical and I/O-intensive applications like databases or VDI deployments. The Pure Storage FlashArray provides high-performance storage as a highly-available and easy-to-manage foundation for virtualized workloads. The Turbonomic Pure Storage integration enables active management of workloads running on Pure Storage FlashArrays to prevent performance degradation while utilizing the storage and upstream infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

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See how Turbonomic and Pure Storage Assure Performance in Your Environment

Turbonomic and Pure Storage


Assure IO intensive workloads get the storage performance they demand while maximizing efficiency across every layer of the stack

Intelligently place more demanding workloads on Pure Storage FlashArrays for optimal utilization of your Pure Storage investment

Plan for the future based on changes in workload demand and increased supply of your Pure Storage footprint

Integration between Pure Storage and Turbonomic enables complete discovery and Intelligent Workload Management actions on Pure Storage arrays. The specific entities discovered by Turbonomic are Storage Amount, Storage Access, Storage Latency, and Storage Provisioned.

White Paper Assuring Workload Performance Through Pure Storage And TurbonomicThis whitepaper discusses the Turbonomic integration with Pure Storage and how you can assure workload performance with both technologies.
Product Data Sheet Turbonomic & Pure StorageTurbonomic and Pure Storage enable you to maximize performance and efficiency of all-Pure or heterogeneous storage environments
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