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March 27, 2019
According to findings of the Turbonomic 2019 State of Multicloud survey, expectations that applications can be migrated seamlessly across clouds are fueling the adoption of Kubernetes and other container platforms. Read Full Article
March 25, 2019
Turbonomic is expanding its channel partner program with a new cloud-specific certification program for AWS and Microsoft Azure systems integrators. Jen Murphy, VP of Alliances, said: “We have been servicing SI partners, but we haven’t had a program that allows them to raise their hand and say, ‘We want to embrace Turbonomic—give us pathways to education and enablement and joint marketing.’" Read Full Article
March 21, 2019

Turbonomic helps insurer, Hiscox, manage hybrid and multiclouds. The workload automation company's latest software update focuses on not just ensuring cloud application performance but keeping the cost of cloud management in check.

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March 11, 2019

The public cloud is a strategic tool for digital transformation. IT leaders, including the CIO of Hiscox, lend advice on migrating to public cloud services to drive innovation, agility and revenue growth.

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February 28, 2019
A comparative analysis of Turbonomic and VMware vRealize, based on user reviews published by enterprise IT professionals on IT Central Station. Read Full Article
February 28, 2019
IT is going through the single largest and fastest transition in tech right now, from on-premise [data storage] to the cloud. Turbonomic is central to this, serving eight of the 10 largest banks in the world. Read Full Article
February 28, 2019
A successful hybrid cloud strategy is not a point-in-time exercise. To successfully unlock the value of the cloud, organizations must change how they think about managing their environment and applications to truly only pay for what they need to deliver on the required [service-level agreement] for their applications.  Read Full Article
February 8, 2019
In this round up of private equity deals, Fortune covers news of Turbonomic's partnership and investment from Trend Micro's venture capital arm, Trend Forward Capital. Read Full Article
February 5, 2019
Application-centric IT is putting resources like compute, network and storage in their place. New application architectures like microservices and containers (a virtualized method for running distributed apps) are saying, “Jump,” while infrastructure answers, “How high?” Human infrastructure provisioners can’t keep up. Read Full Article
December 21, 2018
Moving workloads from on-premises to cloud or from one public cloud computing environment to another can potentially expose organizations to data loss or mismanagement, as well as unexpected downtime. Read Full Article