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July 7th, 2015 by

aws-marketplaceAs we mentioned in our 5.2 release announcement VMTurbo Operations Manager is now available through a Software as a Service deployment. We’re excited to announce that our first partner in helping us bring it to market is Amazon Web Services (AWS) through the AWS Marketplace.


What does this mean for you?

Well if you’ve already deployed VMTurbo in your data center you know that all it takes is 15 minutes to download and deploy our control instance in your environment. But who likes to wait 15 minutes when you can have near instant control. 🙂

You can now subscribe to Operations Manager and deploy the AMI in less than 3 minutes (it took me 2, with most of the time spent watching it spin up). You can then start adding targets and getting actions to bring your data center to its desired state where application performance is assured while maximizing utilization.

How do you get started?

To spin up your own instance click here or go to the AWS Marketplace and search for vmturbo.


On the Operations Manager product page click Continue and then on the next page click Accept Terms & Launch with 1 Click. Make sure you have a Virtual Private Connection (VPC) and a subnet set up between AWS and the data center you want to control. We recommend a VPC with a Private Subnet Only and Hardware Access.

Once you verify in the EC2 console that your AMI EC2 instance is running and passed status check launch Operations Manager by opening a browser and typing in http://<Public IP or DNS > (for example:

The initial Operations Manager login is User Name: administrator; Password: instance ID. You can change the default login under the Amin tab.

Once in Operations Manager you can start adding hypervisor or cloud management targets. To learn more visit our quick start guide.

Oh and I forgot to mention one important detail. It’s free!

aws-marketplace-hourly-feeFor a limited time there are no licensing costs. AWS will charge you for the EC2 instance but we are offering our initial version of SaaS delivery free of charge.

Why is it free? Well this is our initial version of a SaaS deployment model and we’re looking for early adopters ready to deploy this way and give us some feedback.

If you’re ready to test it out go to the AWS Marketplace or email our Product Management team (PM at

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