VMTurbo @Tech Field Day VMworld Extra 2014

October 24th, 2014 by

As VMworld 2014 came to a close in Barcelona, VMTurbo celebrated another successful trip including a presentation at Tech Field Day VMworld Extra, featuring a great panel of delegates. Some of the delegates were actually two-time attendees for VMTurbo at Tech Field Day from our first presentation at Virtualization Field Day 3 in Palo Alto earlier in 2014.

As the drive towards the modern data center and to the cloud continues, we are proud to have the opportunity to be in front of the great team of delegates to show what VMTurbo is doing to be the only Software-Driven Control in the Software-Defined Universe.

Tech Field Day has helped to introduce many technologies, and to allow us to interactively present to a well-known field of industry experts with the delegates, and those who are now able to watch the presentations thanks to the work done by Stephen Foskett and his Tech Field Day team. The Tech Field Day Extra program is a more compressed presentation time compared to our previous time at Virtualization Field Day 3, but we still enjoyed a great discussion and were able to deliver a demo, which spurred some excellent conversation on what we do.

In this video, VMTurbo founder Shmuel Kliger explains the core problem that is pervasive in today’s data center environments. This is an excellent introduction to how VMTurbo has built a solution to bring the data center to its true desired state.

Further to the discussion about VMTurbo led by Shmuel, we were also able to deliver a great demo of our product. You can see the demo by Alec Kemp, Director of Systems Engineering at VMTurbo.

It was a great week in Barcelona, and we would like to thank Stephen Foskett and the Tech Field Day team for their support and the opportunity to present again. We look forward to sharing what we are doing at VMTurbo with everyone again in the future through this great and fun group of people.

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