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December 15th, 2014 by

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“When we talk about the tipping point, it’s because there is change ahead. And I’m not talking about massive, quick shifts, but rather, an inevitable, slow move. We have reached a point however, where it’s been noticed.”

Last week, I’d the privilege to share the stage (albeit a virtual one) with our now very own Eric Wright – perhaps better known as Top 50 Cloud Blogger and Pundit @discoposse – at TechGenix CloudCON 2014. As we layer up in our ugly sweaters, techfleeces, and microdowns in prep for the unforgiving Boston winter, we are filled with 2014 nostalgia and propelled by 2015 conjecture. One prediction however, made today by Mr. Wright, has quite a bit of data to back it up: 2015, without question, will be the year of OpenStack in the Enterprise.

“In-N-Out Burger with their classic ‘Animal Style’. Starbucks has a ‘Secret Menu’… Our service consumption is changing to be more customer-focused, and OpenStack is doing this on the Open Cloud using flexible, open frameworks.”

In his presentation, OpenStack for Enterprise: The Tipping Point Cometh, Eric reminisced on the past 5 years of the open source cloud OS project (OpenStack launched in 2010), and shared some staggering statistics – the number of active code commits, developers, and tech incumbents a la RedHat, HP, IBM, and Yahoo! driving the project –  all of which suggest that, as we say in Boston, this will be the year.

Here are a few:

  • OpenStack’s ninth release (Juno), was the most active release to date
  • OpenStack has 99,684 total code commits since 2010, 52% of which came in over the last year
  • OpenStack has 2,736 total developers, 1,433 of whom worked on Juno
  • 20% of company code contribution is from RedHat, followed by HP at 19%
  • OpenStack’s tenth release in 5 years, Kilo, will land in April 2015

Watch the full recording here, and hear Wright’s arguments, as well as how VMTurbo is contributing to Ceilometer, Nova, and more to usher in the new year!

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