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Why Are You Here? Chants, Istio and gRPC Services at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

This month, a few of us Turbonauts had the pleasure of joining the K8s and cloud native community at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen—and one of us led the Kube-Con chant like a pro! See above. What we saw there validated that in the few short months since Austin, cloud native applications and the container platforms that support them are quickly becoming the de facto approach to staying competitive.

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Not only has attendance at this event grown rapidly, but the conversations have matured over the last couple years to focus on ‘how do we make these projects enterprise-ready?’ Security and running in production at scale were big themes. Bare metal came up a few times at our booth—after all, if you solve the security problem, do you need the performance overhead of that hypervisor? Service mesh, too—it’s still a thing! All of this comes down to the continuous evolution of businesses needing to deliver better apps and services to customers, driving developers to find ways to build and improve them faster, closely followed by infrastructure & operations teams having to figure out how to assure performance, speed, and elasticity at scale.

Why are you here? …The right abstraction brought us.

We had several folks who know us from the traditional virtualization and cloud space ask us ‘Why are you here? What do you do with containers?’ Well, it turns out that when you have the right abstraction, an idea that was initially conceived in 2009 is more relevant than ever in today’s highly dynamic and ever more complex IT environments. Turbonomic is founded on the belief that software is more scalable at managing IT than people. It’s our mission to deliver a platform that continuously and automatically maintains the health any type of workload at scale, wherever they’re deployed. So, with our recent 6.1 release, Turbonomic delivers continuous optimization of container platforms and PaaS at scale with support for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Turbonomic Speaking Sessions (w/ the Demo Gods on Our Side)

Turbonomic engineering presented at KubeCon for the first time demonstrating both what Turbonomic can do with cloud native technologies and how our team has had to modernize its own application architecture to scale with customer environments.

Istio Tells me my Service has Slow Response Time, Now What?
Endre Sara, VP of Advanced Engineering, showed how Turbonomic can use Istio (service mesh) telemetry to determine when to localize “chatty” services thereby minimizing latency in distributed, microservice applications.

A Brokerless REST Interface for gRPC Services
Roman Zimine, Sr. Software Engineer, shared the team’s experience in re-architecting the Turbonomic application into microservices in order to enable millions of self-managing workloads, not just 100,000+… Like everyone else, Turbonomic must find ways to drive speed and scale—particularly as our customers’ environments grow ever more vast and dynamic.

Kubernetes is King & Cloud Native is Here to Stay

It’s still early days, but these early days won’t last long. The keynotes and conversations last week reminded me of AWS Re:Invent 2016, which back then was similarly focused on owning the enterprise market, specifically addressing the market’s perceived security issues. Fast forward 18 months and nearly every enterprise account has AWS (with Azure catching up…) as a key part of their digital strategy.

Where will we be with container platforms in 6 months (let alone 18)?


But, seriously, organizations that are looking to stay competitive, offering better, faster applications and digital services to their customers will be doing so with cloud native architectures. And whether those applications are in the cloud, on-prem, to the edge, and beyond, we’ll be there too. That’s the power of the right abstraction.

Self-Managing Kubernetes Live Webinar

Join our live webinar on Wednesday May 30th at 11 a.m. EST to learn how Turbonomic’s AI-powered decision engine continuously optimizes Kubernetes environments. Today’s solutions offer more data, visibility, and automation. What’s missing is a decision engine that uses that data to determine what to do and when to do it and leverages that automation to execute those actions in real-time.

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