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October 18th, 2013 by

Transformation is our “why”—the why we started this company. VMTurbo was founded on the belief that IT Operations management needs to be fundamentally changed to allow companies to unlock the full value of virtualized infrastructure. Transformation was—and is—at the heart of why we do what we do at VMTurbo.

JPMorgan Chase inducts VMTurbo into their Hall of Innovation

Our customers are believers in transformation. One such customer is JPMorgan Chase, a firm that leverages innovation in IT to drive competitive differentiation and strategic advantage. Each year, the firm recognizes companies whose innovative technology creates business value for JPMorgan Chase.

As announced in a recent press release, JPMorgan Chase inducted VMTurbo into their Hall of Innovation—a significant accomplishment for our company, and a significant recognition by a firm that is well known for innovation in IT.

“At JPMorgan Chase, we believe that partnership with entrepreneurial companies and their innovative technologies is critical to our success. The Hall of Innovation recognizes the companies that have gone above and beyond in delivering disruptive technology and creating business value for JPMorgan Chase.

VMTurbo’s technology is helping JPMorgan Chase optimize the utilization of virtual environments, supporting a move from reactive to predictive workload management. Automation will enable our support teams to focus on higher value activity, dynamically optimizing virtual environments.”

This is a strong endorsement and validation of our vision and belief! Why we founded this company is perfectly aligned with JPMorgan Chase’s vision of their future IT-as-a-Service!

Great companies start with a “why,” but grow from good to great thanks to its people. We accomplished a huge milestone and it is an acknowledgement to the hard work and dedication of our team.  Therefore, I would like to take this moment and thank the VMTurbo team for their great effort, dedication, talent and enthusiasm that contributed to the success at JPMorgan Chase—and resulted in this recognition.

And, I want to extend a thank you to JPMorgan Chase for this honor. We are always excited to see the impact of our solution. The partnership at JPMorgan Chase inspires us to continue innovating and our innovation inspires JPMorgan Chase to transform.

I am so proud to be part of this team!

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