Is There a “Fix-It” Button?

“Can you give me a fix-it button?”fix it button

Having been in the systems management market for over a decade, you can imagine I have heard a lot of comments from customers, including the “can’t you just fix-it ” request. My first CEO gig was with Reflectent Software, the developer of an end-user application performance management product (Citrix acquired Reflectent in 2006 and bundled its product EdgeSight into XenApp, the flagship Citrix product).

Even though EdgeSight is a valuable product to thousands of Citrix customers, many customers commented to me that they wish we did more. One customer said “thanks for all the end-user data, but what am I supposed to do with it? Can’t you just give me a fix-it button, so I know the environment is improved?”

Management solutions in the last few decades have done a marvelous job collecting data but not acting on it. Why? Because this dated management paradigm has always assumed an IT administrator will analyze the collected metrics and know what to do about it—or, at least, gain visibility into the environment.  But having visibility into your environment does not mean you are in control of it, especially in a virtualized environment where the interdependencies between systems and components and complexity often make administrators feel out of control.  Many customers continue to use legacy (i.e., ones designed for physical infrastructure) tools to manage the new (i.e., virtual) environment (try moving VMs around or planning for new capacity using spreadsheets!).

To control an environment you need to take actions to bring it to the desired state and keep it there.  I talk to hundreds of customers who are still trying to use the legacy management paradigm to manage virtualized environments.  One customer recently told me “I have data collectors all over my infrastructure—on servers, in the network, on desktops. The LAST thing I need is another data collector.”

Which brings me back to the fix-it button.  VMTurbo Operations Manager gives you the fix-it button to control your environment (i.e., bring it to the desired state and keep it there).

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