VMTurbo Introduces Intelligent Workload Onboarding

September 18th, 2012 by

Are we there yet?  We’ve been talking about cloud computing for years, but only a fraction of companies have successfully completed the cloud “journey.” VMworld 2012’s theme of “right here, right now” was a call to action for attendees to get on board the cloud. We are making a similar directive with new features in version 3.2 of Operations Manager—and enabling IT organizations to actually do it.

While there are several new features in version 3.2, Operations Manager’s intelligent workload onboarding is the centerpiece to our new release focused on cloud-scale control. It enables deployment of new application workloads in private, public and hybrid clouds via a guided workflow and the intelligent workload management capabilities that are core to our solution.

Anyone responsible for deploying new workloads will appreciate this feature—especially those who are continually introducing and decommissioning workloads in their cloud environments.  Why? The complexity of onboarding can still trip up organizations. It’s not just about creating a VM and placing it into the cloud environment. IT organizations need to plan resource utilization and ensure that the new workload doesn’t overwhelm the available physical resources that are shared with other workloads. Virtual and cloud infrastructure is ever-changing, so point-in-time planning lacks a true understanding of available resources, existing workloads contending for them, and other constraints.

That’s where VMTurbo comes in. Onboarding and placement decisions are driven by our Economic Scheduling Engine, which intelligently controls resource allocations and optimizes workload placement in the cloud infrastructure factoring in business, logical and physical constraints. By removing the guesswork and assumptions regarding resource availability, Operations Manager delivers greater efficiency, accuracy and speed versus manual onboarding processes, reducing intervention by operational staff and mitigating the risk of poorly performing workloads.

VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2 - Intelligent Onboarding screenshot

By introducing custom or pre-defined workload templates and leveraging rich APIs to integrate with third-party solutions, such as VMware vCloud Director, Cloudstack, and other tools for provisioning images and assigning IP addresses, Operations Manager drives intelligent workload placement as part of the provisioning and deployment process. These capabilities accelerate onboarding and improve workload placement, but more importantly, they close the loop on the workload lifecycle, enabling IT professionals to plan, deploy and then operate/control the virtual/cloud environment with the intelligent, prescriptive analytics of a single solution.  Right here, right now.

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