Hybrid Cloud Challenge: When Will Your Workloads Reach the Public Cloud?

December 29th, 2014 by

The Hybrid Cloud Challenge and Adoption

In a recent post we discussed the hybrid cloud and some of the key challenges associated with fully leveraging this cloud computing model. At the core of the hybrid cloud challenge is addressing the question of which workloads to burst, when to burst them and where to burst them to. As we’ve described this is not an easy question to answer.

But beyond the hybrid cloud challenges and the decision associated with an effective burst – one that assures application performance while maximizing the ROI on your local compute and storage – there are also many common fundamental challenges with leveraging public cloud resources, especially if your workload was not born in the cloud.

We recently reached out to our customers to ask them about what are the main challenges they face in leveraging public cloud resources. Not surprisingly accounting for regulatory compliance was the main challenge followed by deciding which workloads to move and how to maintain control once they do.

hybrid cloud challenges

We also wanted to see how these challenges are effecting our customers’ ability to leverage public cloud resources. Not surprisingly we see that over 90% (91% to be exact) have 5% or less of their workloads currently running in a public cloud environment. This is similar to most enterprises today. As VMware’s GM of Hybrid Cloud, Bill Fathers, recently mentioned as of August of 2014 only 6% of workloads resided in the public cloud.

hybrid cloud challenges - adoption

But what about the future. We asked our customers what % of their workloads they anticipate will be running in the public cloud by 2016. As you can see below, there is some planned migration. By 2016, while 60% still plan to have 5% or less of their workloads running in a public cloud, 30% expect 6-20% of their workloads to be running in the public cloud. As another data point, Cisco’s Global Cloud Index forecasts that by 2018 31% of workloads will reside in public clouds.

hybrid cloud challenges - adoption 2016

Not too bad considering the challenges that these organizations will need to overcome but on the other hand with VMTurbo Operations Manager deployed in their data center maybe the hybrid cloud challenge no longer seems so daunting.

To learn more about public and hybrid cloud adoption, common challenges and various approaches to overcoming them download our free white paper today.

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