How do you ensure workload performance?

December 23rd, 2011 by

The Virtualization Practice recently authored an interesting article entitled The Winners and Losers in Virtualization Management 2011, selecting VMTurbo as a winner in Operations Management. As usual, Bernd Harzog offers a well-informed piece that breaks down not only where we are today, but where the industry needs to focus to truly take control of your virtual infrastructure and optimize workload performance moving forward. For us, it’s really about ensuring that the resources required by your applications in general, and your mission-critical ones in particular, are always available – rather than waiting for thresholds to be crossed. To do this you must have a management solution that does 3 things well:

  1. Has real time insight into the performance of the applications and the underlying infrastructure.
  2. Is continuously aware of dynamic changes across the environment in order to prevent problems before they occur.
  3. Possesses the ability to intelligently tune (in the form of tangible actions) the configuration across the environment to optimize workload performance and system utilization.

Take a moment to read the full award list here.

Here’s the excerpt we feel really hits the nail on the head (but hey, we’re slightly biased):

“VMTurbo – for being the only vendor that is delivering automated workload service assurance today on the vSphere platform. In other words, VMTurbo is delivering today, what is promised in VMware’s future strategy.”

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