Expedient Data Centers Webinar: Delivering Performance in Shared Environments

February 2nd, 2015 by

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“We are in Beta of actually giving customers a simplified access point to VMTurbo so they can understand the recommendations we’re making and access functions like capacity planning and see their resource pools.”

– John White, Expedient Data Centers

Last week, VMTurbo Solutions Director, Cody Carlson, joined John White of Expedient Data Centers to lecture on best practices for managing multi-tenant cloud environments. John, who serves as Director of Product Strategy for Expedient, walked us through the Expedient way, differentiated by the high-touch, consultative approach it takes with its thousands of SMB and enterprise customers.

Of particular note is Expedient’s three-pronged approach of (1) Plan (2) Operate (3) Monitor – which includes continuous ongoing recommendations to Expedient customers of how they can more effectively size and spec their hosted virtual machines to enhance performance. Finely attuned to the pitfalls of commoditized public clouds, Expedient uses VMTurbo across its 11 data centers to consult its customers and differentiate its offerings.

If you are a cloud service provider, or manage a private cloud infrastructure, go here to watch the full webinar and see how your best practices align!

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