Webinar Reveals Insights from Cloud “Front Lines”

January 25th, 2013 by

This week, we hosted an expert webinar on “Overcoming Key Challenges in Operating Cloud Environments” with Ovum principal analyst, Roy Illsley, and Layered Tech VP, Kevin Van Mondfrans. Roy provided insights into the transformation going on as organizations embrace the cloud to deliver IT services, and Kevin related his organization’s experiences in building and managing Layered Tech’s cloud data center.

I invite you to view the webinar here.

In addition, we polled the webinar attendees on their use of private and public cloud, and how much virtualization has permeated their data centers. Not surprisingly (and inline with data Roy shared in his presentation), over half of respondents (52%) surpassed 60% virtualization of their physical servers.

VMTurbo Webinar Poll - Is Your Data Center Virtualized?

Virtualization is powering the cloud.  Of those relying on public cloud infrastructure—whether alone or in combination with a private cloud—most are more likely to be highly (over 60% of physical servers) virtualized.  Ovum Tech Trends shows that 55% of respondents will use a shared virtual private cloud within two years (source: Ovum Tech Trends 2012, N=2815).

VMTurbo Webinar Poll - Cloud Users by Percent of Physical Servers Virtualized

Finally, Roy’s remarks about the problems created in highly-virtualized environments were shared by Kevin, as well. Layered Tech, a global organization servicing mid-market and large enterprises in private and public sectors, is differentiated by its ability to deliver secure and compliant eBusiness services.  Kevin’s organization uses VMTurbo to ensure that application performance and cloud resource optimization goals are met in an automated fashion. With VMTurbo Operations Manager, Layered Tech has seen several benefits, including: a reduced level of effort, automated policies, mitigation of client workload spikes, simplified complexity of multi-tenant environment, and avoidance of problems that could impact service levels.

Thanks to Roy and Kevin–and our attendees–for participating!

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