Walmart Hops into the Cloud Deployment Biz with OneOps

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In November of 2015 it was announced that Walmart would be opening up its “cloud hopper” which touted the ability to build an application deployment lifecycle product platform to deploy into multiple clouds. This seemed like a huge get for the industry, and Walmart Labs has kept up their promise.

Introducing OneOps

Just recently, the Walmart open source team published the OneOps platform to GitHub along with a nicely put together docs site to go along with it. As you can see at the OneOps GitHub page, there are a number of great resources on how to use OneOps, and what it is really designed for.

OneOps is very effectively described as “Accelerating product delivery in the Digital Economy through Continuous Application Lifecycle Management of Cloud-based Workload, backed by @WalmartLabs” and, while early in its existence in the public realm, has already gotten a lot of buzz among cloud advocates and others.

The Real Win with OneOps

Flexibility. Escaping the ever present vendor lock-in is a major challenge in our industry today which has CIOs and technologists everywhere struggling to discover ways to provide best-of-breed service without becoming beholden to a single source for delivering that service.

By embracing products like OneOps, we ease the transition to building out a multi-vendor application environment. At the time of this writing, OneOps supports a private OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Rackspace as targets. As the awareness and popularity rises, I am sure that it won’t be long before we see other providers jumping on board. In fact, they are already listing CenturyLink as a “coming soon” target, so watch for many more in the coming months.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…4 in this case, as shown on the Getting Started page:


This is great to get a major challenge out of the way which was to ease the path to making a cloud application deployment more robust.  This isn’t the only challenge, but when evaluating a cloud-native application architecture, the deployment lifecycle is very certainly a major part of the requirements.

Is OneOps for You?

Even the greatest product is only as good as what we call the “Why?” which asks you whether or not any product or process solves a particular business or technical challenge. Will traditional enterprises be leaping onto OneOps to make it their go-forward platform to drive continuous delivery into their application architecture? Maybe. Should it be evaluated by everyone who is in a cloud deployment or looking towards it? Yes.

While you may not quite be ready to jump on board, the reality is that planning a public cloud approach for application development and hosting should also think about the economy and performance of your decision. Increasing velocity by embracing a cloud platform and continuous delivery is absolutely the way that many or most corporations are making gains these days. Especially those who have strong web presence, and require bursty workloads to be able to scale on-demand as needed.

This opens the door to a more commoditized approach to the public cloud which is where we have a great potential as technologists to be able to abstract infrastructure and move up the stack to focus on the real business value, which is in the applications. As I talked about recently here, we are poised to elevate our thinking above the VM to the application. What better way to elevate than to truly release ourselves from the ties to a particular cloud?

Visit the main page at to read all about the project, the product, and the goal of this very exciting release from the Walmart Labs team.

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