Facebook Testing Broadcom’s Open Compute Switches in Production

It has been a year since Facebook announced that its Open Compute Project had an initiative focused on defining a network switch that could be used with a variety of operating systems, so that data center operators would not get locked into using a single vendor’s software once they bought that vendor’s hardware.

Facebook’s wish to disaggregate networking hardware from networking software has now been granted. Two switch designs (one by Mellanox and the other by Broadcom) were submitted to Open Compute for approval, and Facebook is already testing a handful of the Broadcom boxes in production in its data centers, Najam Ahmad, director of network engineering at Facebook, said.

Facebook started the Open Compute Project in 2011 as an open source data center and hardware design effort. OCP has since grown into an active ecosystem of vendors and end users focused on web-scale data center infrastructure.

Customizing throughout the stack

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