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Engineering for the Cloud – Tech Meetup Recap

Last Thursday, January 25th we hosted our first tech meet-up event at our White Plains, New York office and we’re happy to announce that it was a huge success! For those who couldn’t attend, we wanted to give a quick recap on the presentation, the crowd and of course the great discussion that took place.

What was the event?

feature-charles-eventIt was an opportunity for us to open our office doors to the local community, showcase our technology and make some new connections. The topic revolved around ‘cloud computing’ – starting with the evolution of computing and then diving into the challenges and how Turbonomic solves many of the challenges presented by cloud. Charles Crouchman, CTO of Turbonomic was the main presenter and he had a lot of great insights to share with the crowd of 60+.

What did we cover?

Like I mentioned briefly above, we started things out with leveling the field, walking through where cloud computing began, how it evolved and where it is today (with a hint towards the future). Charles highlighted the speed that IT is transforming with this cloud evolution, the upside to positioning a career in the cloud sector, the advantages cloud presents organizations, the challenges that come with those and finally he showcased our solution to a large group of engineers, developers, students and tech writers.

What else went on?

IMG-5155The presentation was worthwhile, but the best part of the event was the networking and conversations that took place following the presentation. We had Turbonomic founders, Y.Y and Danilo in attendance, alongside the rest our engineering leadership team. Y.Y spoke about the future of cloud, and how it goes way beyond just the data center… everything would be cloud in his vision. He referenced driverless cars and stretched the minds of those who were there. All in all, a very cool event.

We’re already eyeing similar events in 2018 and look forward to inviting more of the local tech community into our offices to learn, share and grow. Thanks to all who attended – see you all again soon.

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