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Building Trust is Critical to Growth

Turbonomic has 3 Core Cultural Pillars; Trust, Performance and Transparency. We integrate these into everything we do and how we operate on a daily basis. It’s the glue that holds our company together and gives us the necessary ways of thinking to achieve our mission of transforming the IT industry. Recently, I sat down to discuss one of these pillars with recruiter, Brigid Doulin who has worked at Turbonomic for over 3 years.

How did you find out about Turbonomic and what brought you here?

BrigidI ended up at Turbonomic almost by mistake. When I graduated from college, I took a job right out of school in public service and congratulated myself on being that recent grad who had their 1st career step, but I quickly realized 6 months into my career that was I was bored, and I started to panic. There were student loans to pay, minimal motivation at work and I needed a plan. Then I got a call from a mentor who wanted to refer me to a sales job at a software company. I thought she was crazy, but I trusted her and looked further into it. When I came in for the interview, the VP of Sales I met with told me something that stuck with me – technology is an industry where if you are willing to bet on yourself, you will be successful.

So, I trusted myself and took the bet. In technology I found a great fit for my personality and working style. At Turbonomic I found a chance to learn every day, challenge myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and build my career while building something bigger than me – a company with a mission that impacts the way we do business and live our lives.

As you know, we have 3 core cultural pillars. What does the pillar of trust mean to you after working at Turbonomic for so long?

BrigidI think for me, trust really means trusting your team and trusting the build. What I mean by trusting the build is seeing the big picture of what it means to grow a company like we are. It’s HARD, but it’s also really special when you look back. There are highs and lows, but if you trust that the lows don’t last forever and if you keep working hard, you’ll get to the high – the thrill of that chase is what keeps me motivated.

Trusting the build is impossible without trusting your team though. In early 2017, shortly after my team was tasked with hiring 250 employees in the upcoming year, my dad had a health scare and I was traveling home to NY more than usual. When I told our VP of People & Culture, Chris McMahon through teary eyes that despite the horrible timing, I needed the time off to be with my family, he didn’t hesitate for a second when he told me that this is what teams are for. Being part of a trusting team means that we take care of each other when we need it the most. That kind of support is invaluable, especially coming from leadership.

We recently saw you appear in our new ‘Culture at Turbonomic’ video. You spoke about feeling supported by everyone your work with, but you also call out that your team is mostly men. Can you talk to this a bit?

BrigidI am the only woman on the TA team, which has the potential to compound how isolating it can feel to be a woman in technology at times. However, I never really feel that isolation within my own team. It makes me proud to be a part of a team with leaders and peers that are thoughtful, inclusive and supportive. I trust that they see me as their equal. Perhaps just as importantly, I trust that they understand my perspective/experiences as a woman. Knowing that they are open to considering a different perspective means I never feel alone or uncomfortable.

Most of it stems from the fact that my team is comprised of men who have a high level of mindfulness of what it means to be inclusive and considerate of what they say before speaking out. I really respect that they put the extra effort in to consider a different viewpoint and how my experiences might differ from theirs. (Link to video)

Last year you were highlighted in a news article where they called out people who are the ‘glue of their company.’ To be what holds people together, it takes a lot of relationship building. How do the close relationships at Turbonomic make this place feel safe and supported?

BrigidWhat an honor that recognition was! I think the biggest factor that has contributed to the successful relationships I’ve built at Turbonomic is that I’m always myself. I understand that’s a privilege of being a part of my team and the leaders and mentors I have, since I know that’s not a luxury every woman gets to have at work. Without trust and inclusion, I know a lot of women feel the pressure to work harder, better, faster all the time and it’s easy to lose yourself and the ability to really enjoy work.

In building relationships with a foundation of trust and honesty, I’m never worried about whether I’m “on” at work. Instead of worrying about putting on a persona, I can exert that energy into building this company. It also leaves room to have fun… I know my team and those I work with closely trust my work ethic and ability to deliver, which means I don’t have to take myself too seriously all the time. This creates a great balance given the intensity of the work we are doing.

Any examples of how Turbonomic builds trust across employees and leadership?

BrigidI think the best examples of how Turbonomic has built trust are the traditions we’ve kept even as we’ve scaled. My favorite is our bi-weekly company lunch meeting where we’ll hear updates from leadership and different parts of the org about new product releases, exciting sales wins, company performance and customer success stories. There is a level of trust that’s built from every employee feeling close to the business and invested in the success of the organization beyond just your role or your team. Plus, who doesn’t love free lunch? I also would add that without trust, you create unnecessary risk in a growth stage company – you need to know that your team has your back and will deliver if this whole thing is going to work. Lucky for us, everyone steps up here.


If you’re interested in opportunities at Turbonomic, check out our careers page. If you want to simply learn more, feel free to reach out and have a conversation with us!

About our featured employee:

Brigid has been recruiting at Turbonomic for over 3 years and has quickly become a staple of the Turbonomic team. She’s originally from New York and went to college at Northeastern University. She spends her days asking people to tell her their stories so she can connect them with the right opportunity. In her free time, she’s usually planning a good themed party/dinner, checking out new brunch spots in the city, or traveling (most recently Greece and Paris).

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