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3 Things I’m Excited About for Turbonomic in 2018

As the holidays of 2017 came to a close and the kick off of 2018 began, I stopped for a moment to think about the upcoming year for myself professionally and personally. I quickly realized that less and less of my thoughts on 2018 were about “me” and more were about “Turbonomic” as a whole.Turbo event fun with the team

While I don’t claim to know everyone’s personal goals at Turbonomic, I can say that what I see is a workforce that is aligned with where they want to go and what they want to do in a way that corresponds to the direction the company is heading. That’s what generates more fire and excitement in me.

Turbonomic is more than firing on all cylinders; it is an engine of its own design and it is unmatched to most other technologies in the field.

Here are 3 reasons I’m excited for 2018:

The first reason that comes to mind was that IT Central Station Announced the Top Cloud Management Solutions of the Year and Turbonomic was #1 on the list.


In the press release, Turbonomic was ranked as the leading cloud management software product of 2017 based on peer reviews from real users. The fact that it wasn’t a paid study and it was totally independent, real user reviews – is what makes this special.

Additionally, we jumped up in the ranks among many large technology solution providers – making us stand next to some of the best of the best in the industry, which is a true testament of our technology at such an early stage. There are few things sweeter in life than seeing a company grow so fast and compete with the best out there.

The final reason is we placed #7 on Glassdoor’s Coolest Companies of 2017 list, right alongside juggernauts like Facebook and retailer TJ Maxx.

Not Our Word, It’s theirs!

Even if those very reasons sound very “commercial” or otherwise self-promoting, it’s critical to call out that most of these lists and collections were driven totally by peer review, so it isn’t all of us Turbos saying how great everything is, but our peers and our customers – which are the most important voices to us.

With all of this going on, it’s really easy to get caught up in all the hype, but that’s the best part… as you look around you can see it’s anything but that. When you’re surrounded by dedicated and excited people, committed to the success of the company as passionately as their own careers, you can’t help but feel the same as you go about your own way.

When you spend a third of your day at “work” 200 plus days a year, isn’t it better when it’s when you’re doing something you’re passionate about? If that interests you… give us a ring. We’d love to welcome you to our #TurboNation. Check out some career opportunities here


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