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December 14th, 2018

How to Get Beyond Operational Challenges of DevOps – Part I

There are many variations on the definition of DevOps. The central theme of them all is that DevOps is used to increase the flow of value from idea to prototype, and from prototype to production. It’s a set of processes and behavioural patterns which change the way that development and operations (and hopefully security) teams … Continued

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December 6th, 2018

The Triad: Key to Moving from Maintaining to Innovating

Today’s CIO needs to be a change agent. Leading companies count on CIO’s to shift the value of IT from “keeping the lights on” to innovating. They are measured on impacting the differentiation of their company and its position in the marketplace. This is made all the more challenging by the fact that IT trends … Continued

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December 5th, 2018

A Culture of High Performance

Adding to our blog series on our company values, we wanted to get some perspective on our “performance culture” that sits at the core of how we operate and why we’ve grown so quickly. We caught up with Catherine Kellogg to get her thoughts on this value. Turbonomic has a few pillars, one of them … Continued

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November 29th, 2018

Three Patterns of the Modern CIO

The quest of the modern CIO is much different than it may have been in the not too distant past.  Recent years shows that more CIOs are leveraging and even demanding new IT operational models (e.g. Cloud, PaaS) to move from baseline operations to advancing the state of business through IT innovation. There are three … Continued

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November 28th, 2018

Reflections on a 3-Year Turboversary

Career development is always a hot topic and at Turbonomic we’ve made some huge progress in our programs and processes to enable career growth opportunities for our global employees. Each quarter, we get to celebrate career growth as we see the list of employee work anniversaries grow. We caught up with Megan Gay, Marketing Programs … Continued

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November 21st, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert (Part Two) – Resident Engineer

We had so much great content after sitting down with Marc that we had to split this into a two part blog series. In this blog he discusses the role requirements, why he joined and the top five things someone in this role must focus on to be successful. We mentioned that this role requires … Continued

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November 21st, 2018

IT Operations Detox: Why Abstraction Matters

Digital transformation is creating intense pressure on IT to deliver applications and services faster and with greater efficiency. This requires transforming IT and how it operates. The status quo – IT operating in silos – must change. It’s an illusion that resources can be managed in each layer of the stack, in isolated technology silos, … Continued

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November 15th, 2018

AI is Already Here, and Life is Already Better

“Two things have always been true about human beings. One, the world is always getting better. Two, the people living at that time think it`s getting worse.” – Penn Jillette That quote matters for a few reasons in what we are going to discuss here.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the hottest topics lately … Continued

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November 7th, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert – Resident Engineer

In this employee spotlight, we feature Marc Beckert who joined as a CSM but quickly transitioned over to a resident engineer position to support one of our largest clients – one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms. In part one of our two part spotlight, Marc dives into what his role is, what his team … Continued

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November 2nd, 2018

The Evolving and Critical Role of the Transformational CIO

If you recall the 90s in IT and business then you probably remember the early introduction of the role dubbed the CIO.  Chief Information Officer began as the first crossover role where business was leading technology initiatives which bridged a gap that was very prominent.  IT was known then primarily as a cost centre.  The … Continued