Shmuel Kliger

Shmuel Kliger

Shmuel is founder and president of Turbonomic and a recent Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. He directs the technology teams encompassing development, product strategy and management, customer success and customer support.

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IT Operations Detox: Why Abstraction Matters

Digital transformation is creating intense pressure on IT to deliver applications and services faster and with greater efficiency. This requires transforming IT and how it operates. The status quo – IT operating in silos – must change. It’s an illusion that resources can be managed in each layer of the stack, in isolated technology silos, … Continued

Turbonomic and the Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

The digital transformation pressures customers to modernize and transform their IT to adapt and evolve at the pace of business. The IT landscape is dramatically changing, both on and off premises. The dawn of the hybrid-cloud is here, and the use of the public cloud has proven to be central to this transformation.  Knowing which … Continued

Solving the SDDC Management Problem

In the last four decades, initiated by the “Big Four”, IT management has been in a race to nowhere. A race to discover more, collect more and present more. More reports, more graphs, more views, more alerts. If there is an IT asset out there, there is a tool to discover it. If there is … Continued

How Autonomic Control is Transforming IT

How Autonomic Control is Transforming IT Software is eating the world but humans control IT. Does this sound right to you? Four decades of technology innovations: PCs, cell phones, smart phones, internet, GPS, social media…. IT enables all of these disruptive innovations. Yet when it comes to its own operations, nothing has changed. IT operates … Continued

The “New” IT Landscape

The IT landscape is dramatically and rapidly changing. Business needs are driving and shaping it, while IT is navigating the trade-offs between Performance, Agility, and Cost. Application design, development, and deployment have evolved, but IT is struggling to keep up. The building blocks of the software-defined data centre (SDDC) are there, but Operations teams are … Continued

The Headroom Myth

It is more than five years since our application performance control system was deployed in our first customer environment, and from the beginning I was asked to provide a “headroom dashboard/report”. I was able to resist this ask for a couple of years but eventually had to acquiesce; a few years ago we reluctantly released … Continued

The Bane of the Software-Defined Universe: Software-Defined Latency

The Bane of the Software-Defined Universe: Software-Defined Latency Software-defined storage. SDN. Private Cloud. Converged Infrastructure. Public Cloud. VDI. Hybrid Cloud. Containers. CloudOS. It seems that the entire universe is pivoting away from hardware to be defined in software. I’ve been involved in IT in some form for the last four decades, and I’ve never seen … Continued

VMTurbo was originally “AgilITy”

What few probably know is that my first name for VMTurbo wasn’t VMTurbo – the first name that came to mind was “AgilITy”. One of the key facets in my founding vision to revolutionize IT Operations management was to increase IT agility, by reducing vendor lock-in to preserve flexibility for future needs. Ergo, AgilITy. Agility … Continued

The Brave New “Flat” World of Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

This article originally appeared in the Data Center Journal. In the international bestseller The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, author Thomas Friedman states that the world is now a level playing field for commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity regardless of their physical location, history or economic position. … Continued