Mor Cohen

Mor Cohen

As Cloud CTO, Mor is Turbonomic’s leading cloud evangelist and thought leader. She was one of the first Turbonomic employees, started her career as a software engineer and earned seven patents for development of Turbonomic’s original cloud software. In 2016, she transitioned to the role of Lead Product Manager and Cloud Evangelist. Since then, she has helped hundreds of customers architect their public cloud strategy. She also holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University.

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Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

On my previous post I covered what makes managing and controlling cloud environments so difficult. The overwhelming amount of configuration options available together with the constant fluctuations in demand makes it extremely challenging to optimize cost and performance. What does a successful digital transformation look like? Our customers migrate to the cloud for many reasons, … Continued

When It Comes Down to AWS and Azure – Which Cloud Do You Choose?

It Should Be a Straightforward Question: “What is the most cost-effective choice for my applications – AWS or Azure?” When you have to choose between AWS and Azure, you need more than a preference. You need a detailed justification for the CIO, the CFO, and the Board. Your justification needs to account for the individual profiles … Continued

How The Industry Approaches True Elasticity, Part 2: Making Rules

Last week I discussed the Manual Approach to unlocking true elasticity and this week I will continue by discussing second type of solution commonly seen in the industry: attempting to resolve the problem by applying rules that kick in when a threshold is crossed (if X happens, do Y). The rule usually applies to a … Continued

Helping Customers add the E to EC2

2018 is predicted to be the year of public cloud. In 24*7 IT Connection’s top technology predictions for 2018, 5 out of 9 predictions are about cloud. Turbonomic CTO, Charles Crouchman, agrees: “2018 is the year when the cloud comes into much better focus. Those that take advantage of elasticity of the IaaS layer and/or services available … Continued

Why is controlling the cloud so hard?

According to most organizations the biggest drivers to cloud are elasticity and agility. In other words, it allows you to instantly provision and de-provision resources based on the needs of the business. You no longer have to build the church for Sunday. Once in the cloud though 80% of companies report receiving bills 2-3 times … Continued

What’s New in Turbonomic 5.9

Being a part of the development and product management team for Turbonomic continues to excite me every day.  The release of Turbonomic 5.9 brings the industry-proven foundations that we have developed on since 2010 and now brings those capabilities to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. As organizations strive to modernize and transform their IT processes, … Continued