Eric Wright

Eric Wright

Before joining Turbonomic, Eric Wright served as a systems architect at Raymond James in Toronto. As a result of his work, Eric was named a VMware vExpert and Cisco Champion with a background in virtualization, OpenStack, business continuity, PowerShell scripting and systems automation. He’s worked in many industries, including financial services, health services and engineering firms. As the author behind, a technology and virtualization blog, Eric is also a regular contributor to community-driven technology groups such as the vBrownBag community and leading the VMUG organization in Toronto, Canada. He is a Pluralsight Author, the leading provider of online training for tech and creative professionals. Eric’s latest course is “Introduction to OpenStack” you can check it out at

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How to Get Beyond Operational Challenges of DevOps – Part I

There are many variations on the definition of DevOps. The central theme of them all is that DevOps is used to increase the flow of value from idea to prototype, and from prototype to production. It’s a set of processes and behavioural patterns which change the way that development and operations (and hopefully security) teams … Continued

Three Patterns of the Modern CIO

The quest of the modern CIO is much different than it may have been in the not too distant past.  Recent years shows that more CIOs are leveraging and even demanding new IT operational models (e.g. Cloud, PaaS) to move from baseline operations to advancing the state of business through IT innovation. There are three … Continued

AI is Already Here, and Life is Already Better

“Two things have always been true about human beings. One, the world is always getting better. Two, the people living at that time think it`s getting worse.” – Penn Jillette That quote matters for a few reasons in what we are going to discuss here.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the hottest topics lately … Continued

The Evolving and Critical Role of the Transformational CIO

If you recall the 90s in IT and business then you probably remember the early introduction of the role dubbed the CIO.  Chief Information Officer began as the first crossover role where business was leading technology initiatives which bridged a gap that was very prominent.  IT was known then primarily as a cost centre.  The … Continued

Microsoft Ignite 2018 – A View From the Event

Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Envision are running in Orlando with a 30,000+ crowd and lots of excitement about what’s happening both on-premises and in the Azure cloud.  The events are split between Ignite, geared towards the cloud + product admins/devs/users, and Envision is targeting the executive teams who are driven the digital transformation initiatives and … Continued

Learn What’s New in Turbonomic 6.2

Another important milestone for Turbonomic has been achieved with the official release of version 6.2 of the industry-leading workload automation platform for hybrid cloud.  Our team has been both listening and leading to the industry through our customers and our growing and excited community.  The launch of Turbonomic 6.2 marks another step forward in a … Continued

Setting up Turbonomic 6.1 – You’re a Wizard, Harry!

If you are a newcomer to Turbonomic, it is important to have a smooth and quick deployment to let you see just how quickly the value comes from the platform. The launch of Turbonomic 6.1 has kept this in mind as we introduced a new guided deployment wizard. Once you’ve downloaded and deployed your Turbonomic … Continued

Application-Aware Infrastructure with Cisco AppDynamics and Turbonomic

Filling out our portfolio of powerful new features inside Turbonomic 6.1 is the addition of out-of-the-box APM integration for a truly application-aware infrastructure automation platform. While some products lay claim to having more monitoring, that does not solve the challenge of delivering workload performance through automation driven by application QoS. Using the newly integrated Cisco … Continued

Putting the RI in RightSize with Turbonomic 6.1

Another incredibly powerful addition to the Turbonomic platform with the 6.1 release is the addition of more capabilities and actions for Reserved Instances on the pubic cloud. Continued innovation within the platform and by our partner cloud providers has led to very exciting updates which help unlock the ultimate combination performance while delivering the optimal … Continued

Executive Dashboards in Turbonomic 6.1

One of the popularly asked for views in the Turbonomic community is a top-level view for both the on-premises and the cloud environments. Having this executive-level view helps to illustrate the value that your environment is getting thanks to Turbonomic. In the 6.1 release, we are proud to have these views available with our newly … Continued