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Is Docker a threat to the Cloud ecosystem?

by Janakiram MSV and Caroline McCrory. This article originally appeared in Gigaom Research DOCKER CONTAINERS EVERYWHERE! Docker has undoubtedly been the most disruptive technology that the industry has witnessed in the recent past. Every vendor in the cloud ecosystem has announced some level of support or integration with Docker. DockerCon, the first ever conference hosted by Docker Inc. … Continued

How Bon Jovi Taught Me How to Adapt to the Cloud

by Eric Wright – this article originally appeared on, which was kind enough to permit us to re-publish it in its full hairband glory. Visit for more awesomeness like this. When we talk about the shift towards cloud architecture, there are many folks who get worried about what we are saying. One thing … Continued

Making the most of the cloud: A software-defined approach

By Colby Hochmuth at Cloud computing has become ubiquitous for the federal IT workforce, as many if not most agencies have begun to move functions like email or data storage into the cloud. But approaching cloud as a software-defined environment is still a relatively new concept in government. A software-defined approach holistically automates network, … Continued

Why I Have 12 Virtual Labs

By Eric Wright @DiscoPosse 12 Labs. Yes, that is 12 (twelve) as in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11…12 labs. Why would someone have 12 labs you may ask? Well, this is a great question. In fact, if I really did subdivide by guest platform, there are much more, but for all intents and purposes, each lab is a different … Continued

Software-Defined Networking: Your Questions Answered

By Ron Jackson at Data center architecture has evolved from fixed to virtual and, more recently, to cloud enabled. However, there has always been one missing link delaying the realization of the dynamic, orchestrated data center: the network. While information technology (IT) can orchestrate the deployment and optimization of virtual servers, storage, and software … Continued

Math for Storage Design: Part One – Performance

By Byron Schaller @ Introduction In the past 15 years virtualization has transitioned from a novelty to the de facto standard for data center operation. Until recently few people understood the real implications of this transition, especially in the realm of storage. We’ve seen servers go from almost all direct attached storage, to complex … Continued

Does OpenStack Have a Future in the Private/Hybrid Cloud?

By Bernd Harzog at In “Is OpenStack Dead,” we focused on OpenStack’s future as a public cloud platform. We concluded that Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and VMware would dominate public cloud computing through complete economic and technical control of their stacks. We further concluded that OpenStack would have to be free to cloud computing vendors … Continued

Docker essentials – Images and Containers

By Jon Langemak @ June 17, 2014 4:45 pm in DevOps, Virtualization | 1 comment I’ll admit, I jumped into docker pretty quickly and found that I was getting a little ahead of myself.  After much googling and discussion, I’ve come to realize a couple things about docker that I think are well worth … Continued