Charles Crouchman

Charles Crouchman

Charles Crouchman joined Turbonomic, the leader in workload automation for hybrid cloud, in January 2014 and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Charles is responsible for driving product strategy and leading product management, in addition to supporting strategic sales and business development. Charles has helped drive the evolution of infrastructure automation from basic job scheduling to complex orchestration and now to analytics driven automation. He believes that the use of advanced analytics to solve complex and important problems in infrastructure represents the future of automation and that the most complex and important problem to solve right now is providing true resource elasticity across both private datacenters and public clouds. Crouchman has over 25 years of leadership experience in engineering and product delivery, software development, consulting and education. Before Turbonomic, he held senior executive positions at technology startups, including Cirba (now Densify), Mformation Technologies, Opalis Software (acquired by Microsoft and now a key technology in its data center platform), and Cybermation (acquired by CA) where he was SVP of Development and responsible for CA’s workload automation portfolio, representing more than $200M in annual revenue and used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500. Crouchman holds a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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The Triad: Key to Moving from Maintaining to Innovating

Today’s CIO needs to be a change agent. Leading companies count on CIO’s to shift the value of IT from “keeping the lights on” to innovating. They are measured on impacting the differentiation of their company and its position in the marketplace. This is made all the more challenging by the fact that IT trends … Continued

Continuing Expansion in Hybrid and Public Cloud Capabilities

As someone who thrives on solving complex challenges, the release of version 6.2 means more excitement and more opportunity to do something powerful for the industry at large.  The growth of hybrid ecosystems and containerization has continued to drive more opportunity, bringing with it more complexity.  That complexity comes from both operational challenges, and with … Continued

What’s New in Turbonomic 6.1?

The excitement in our industry around the future of IT is incredible. That said, this excitement is also bringing with it an increased complexity as you bring new products and technologies into the hybrid environment. It can be said that hybrid cloud is the new cloud, and multi-cloud is an undeniable reality as more and … Continued

BMC and Turbonomic Partner to Accelerate Digital Business

BMC is a leader in the IT Operations Management space serving over 80% of Fortune 500 organizations today.  For decades BMC has been empowering these organizations with industry leading capacity optimization solutions.  The TrueSight Capacity Optimization product provides data and analytical capabilities to for many of the core IT operational processes including: Reserving and scheduling … Continued

Our Next Big Step in Assuring Application Performance

Introducing the Application Control Module At VMTurbo our stated mission is to “Assure application performance while utilizing the environment as efficiently as possible”.  In our latest release (5.1) we have taken a great leap forward in the pursuit of our mission by adding significant capabilities at the application layer.  In particular we’ve added support for … Continued