Ben Yemini

Ben Yemini

At Turbonomic Ben ensures we continue to deliver unique value in our customers' hybrid cloud environments. He decided to join Turbonomic after spending too much time watching dev blame ops and ops blame dev while users still did not get the experience they wanted. Ben has over 15 year of experience in the enterprise software space first as developer and later as a product manager.

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Scale Smarter: EC2 Vertical Scaling with Turbonomic 6.1  

Picking the right EC2 instance family and type requires the consideration of multiple factors. It’s no wonder why many organizations that have moved quickly into AWS, without taking the time to fully understand how to architect applications for both cost and performance, are waking up with significant budget over runs. But who can blame all … Continued

Is Financial Accounting the New Class for IT Ops?

I have a confession to make. I got a P in accounting. What is a P you might ask? It’s based on the grading system business schools use to make “Type As” feel better about themselves when they are surrounded by similar types. In the real world, it’s a C. Accounting and IT Operations What … Continued

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with RiverMeadow and Turbonomic

For many organizations the cloud holds a promise of delivering better applications faster and some even argue more securely. While private clouds democratize access to the underlying compute, storage and network resources presented by a hypervisor they also introduce unpredictable demand on the underlying environment often slowing down the time to get resources up and … Continued

What are all these specialized databases all about?

Data is at the core of most enterprises today. Plenty has been written about the need to leverage insights and analytics to gain a competitive advantage as well as the mountains of data that can be collected, refined and analyzed in order to gain a competitive edge. Whether that’s to price better, find that next … Continued

Introducing Cloud Cost Compare – Where to Run Your Next App

Today there are more choices than ever of where and how to run applications. Virtualization has made it easy to spin up a VM, containers make deployment even faster and public cloud services remove the need to procure, rack and mount hardware altogether. More Choices, More Problems More options do not always result in a … Continued

Latency, CPU, response time, can we treat them all the same?

“Okay, I think I’ve figured this thing out. You can go up and down, but not side-to-side, or … back in time.” Homer Simpson made this observation right after learning to maneuver a hot air balloon. Homer and for that matter Albert Einstein are correct. Space and time need to be treated differently…. So what … Continued

vRealize: a Journey to DevOps and IT Automation?

As we head into VMworld I’m looking forward to seeing all of the latest and greatest from the vRealize suite. Over the last few VMworlds we’ve seen VMware cement vRealize as the umbrella brand for their management offerings. Based on a recent look at VMware’s web site it also appears that the vRealize suite got … Continued

When does open source PaaS make sense?

As I previously mentioned we are seeing more adoption of PaaS initiatives across our customer base. In the market today there are two broad approaches, DIY (Do it yourself) or packaged PaaS. The other evening, I had the pleasure of attending a great session by Chip Childers, VP of Technology at the Cloud Foundry Foundation. … Continued

PaaS vs. DIY, What Problem Are You Solving?

I’ve been in enterprise software for close to twenty years now and the point product vs. “one throat to choke” argument comes up over and over in every part of the ecosystem. The latest addition to this debate is Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specifically using a packaged PaaS or building your own with … Continued