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A Pod’s Life and Reincarnation, aka Kubernetes Rescheduling

Containers are today’s modern application standard, enabling rapid, iterative development and portability across any infrastructure. Container platforms—like Kubernetes—have risen out of the need to manage ever more distributed and dynamic cloud native applications. Problem solved, right? Wrong. As we’ve said before, with containers the artifacts change, but the challenge stays the same: How do you … Continued

Why Are You Here? Chants, Istio and gRPC Services at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

Great moment as #TurboNation’s Nico Herden took the stage this AM to kick off #KubeCon in Copenhagen. Who’s enjoying all the #Kubernetes goodness today? — Turbonomic (@Turbonomic) May 2, 2018 This month, a few of us Turbonauts had the pleasure of joining the K8s and cloud native community at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen—and one of … Continued

Turbonomic & Cisco Deliver Automated Self-Healing for Continuous Network Intent Assurance

Today Cisco announced the launch of Network Assurance Engine as part of its continuing mission to empower customers with intent-based data centers. Cisco has built a strong partner ecosystem around Network Assurance Engine’s open platform, which they discuss in their blog. In partnership with Turbonomic, network intent is continuously assured by software. What is intent? … Continued

Self-managing OpenShift with Turbonomic

The Turbonomic container image is Red Hat Certified and listed in the Red Hat Container Catalog. See original posting on the OpenShift blog here. Cloud Native and the Rise of Microservices Cloud native is slated to be the standard for digital transformations. The business wants better services faster; developers need rapid, iterative application development. Containers … Continued

Networking and Data Center Operations

Our team was in attendance at the recent Cisco Live US in July, a conference and tradeshow, targeted at network engineers, the main user group of Cisco networking technologies. When those network folks – as they like to refer to themselves – stopped by our booth, we had pretty much the same conversation over and … Continued

Plan your hardware refresh with customized storage and host templates

Planning for different future scenarios is one of the capabilities our customers love about VMTurbo. Consider these scenarios: Your company just acquired another and you need to prepare data center consolidation. Or you have finally gotten budget for a hardware refresh and need to know which storage array will give you the best performance you … Continued

VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.6 enhances private cloud control and application performance

VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.6 is now available. It includes a turnkey integration with private cloud platform ServiceNow and ships significant performance improvements. You can update your VMTurbo instance online or offline and register for our 5.6 Release Webinar (June 15th at 02.00 EST) for an in-depth look at key features. Operations Manager 5.6 emphasizes customer centric user experience. In close collaboration with … Continued

Intelligently Manage Your IBM PowerVM Environment With VMTurbo

Do you have an IBM Power environment that runs your business critical applications? VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.5 now integrates with your Power environment, enabling you to use your resources more efficiently while you can deliver even better performance than your company is used to. Connecting PowerVM and VMTurbo VMTurbo Operations Manager targets your Hardware Management … Continued

VMTurbo Enhances Private and Public Cloud Control with 5.5 Release

We are happy to announce our 5.5 release, delivering private cloud control through turn-key integration with VMware vRealize Automation. Additionally, we extend control to IBM PowerVM and enable migration across clouds and hypervisors with what we call “cross anything migration”. You can update your VMTurbo instance online or offline and register for our 5.5 Release Webinar (March … Continued