Keep track of your IT budgets for the next 3 years

IT budgeting is no easy feat. Whether you're a small shop and wearing many hats, or a large matrix organization across many projects, the administrative time it takes to create, organize and complete an annual operating budget is a significant waste.

We've worked with our very own customers to design this simple and intuitive 3-Year IT Budget Template for all the reasons above. This budget template, built in Microsoft Excel, includes five budgeting tabs and a 3-Year rollup tab enabling you to quickly and easily track and project:

Operating Costs

Personnel, Learning and Training, Maintenance and Support, Consulting and more

Software & Licensing Costs

Client and Workstation Software, Server Software, Security and Database Licensing and more

Hardware Costs

Desktop, Peripheral, Server, Networking, Storage

System Build Cost Comparisons

Mix and match various server, network and storage configurations, including Cisco UCS

Special Projects

If you prefer to itemize by project instead of category, organize away on the Special Projects tab